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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Warhammer Online: The Private Server

     By now I am sure everyone has heard that Warhammer Online is closing down the official servers on December 18th. However, this was not a surprise, because the server's population had been dwindling for quite a while. As sad as it is to see the game being shut down, there is a ray of light in the darkness.

The website is well made, and looks very similar to the official WAR site.
     Fellow WAR veterans, all hope is not lost! A group of skilled developers have been hard at work for the last month putting together all of the data, and trying to make a functional private server. The server is planning on launching on December 18th; the same day the official servers shut down. Keep in mind this server is only entering open beta, with many core features still not finished.

You can check out the private server here.

     The server sports a powerful  Xeon Quad core (35Go ram, 300Mbps)  and the rates for the private server will be the same as the official servers. Players can help contribute towards the new server by inviting their friends and spreading the word. Also, players can log onto the official Warhammer server and collect data for the developers to use in the new private server. Information on using the data sniffer can be found on the forums here.

     I will be updating my blog over the next few weeks and informing readers about the servers launch date, future progress, and my experiences within the game. I will also be releasing a trailer for the private server over the next week. It feels almost as if Warhammer is being launched all over again, and this makes me very happy.

Play smart!

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