"Warhammer Online has some of the most potential of any RPG game and is the best title in the emerging RvR-MMO game genre."-Judgent

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly: Wrath of Heroes


     War: Wrath of Heroes looks amazing. It is basically a simplified scenario with three factions. You can choose which class you want to play which will feature the classes in WAR already. The scenario maps will be from the actual game. In my mind, War: WoH will serve as a marketing tool for War: AoC, one of the first in a long time. This game will still have a player base but it will lead players in the direction to our MMO, that needs players badly. I'm not sure if this is going to be more like DotA or revamped scenarios, but I am ready to try the beta. You can sign up yourself here.

Greenskin: Finally I can kill this stuck up elf.
     Lately, In WAR, I have been playing on my Marauder who is now level 25 renown rank 32. In tier 2 he is able to do 1v2 and sometimes 1v3! In tier 3 he is a viable asset with heals, otherwise I survive for short amounts of time. I have been switching back and forth from t2 to t3 while I still have the chance. I am a bit worried about my renown rank because it is a bit low for my level. Maybe this is because I have been doing random quests and Public Quests.
     Trippedoutfish and I have been exploring PQs and finding amazing Public Quest loot for appearance gear. You can view this appearance gear and how to get it on my next post. We also finished a Quest to unlock the Crimson Cloak for Destruction classes. You can view the video here or the Order Crimson Cloak Video Tutorial here. The video was set to 15 FPS so its a bit laggy, and also shows trippy playing and talking, which is pretty funny. You might have to scroll through the PQ's on the video to find the quests which are in chapter 11 Chaos, Talabecland.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video Coming Soon - Keep Sieges

     Hey guys, recently we finished up creating a video tutorial on keep sieges. It should be posted tomorrow so be on the lookout for that. It will include a full review on how to run a warband and take a keep most effectively.  

Still playing my Maruader: Judjent, level 23 rr 30 on Gorfang. Message me in game for some RvR action!

Poll: Which tier is most enjoyable?


Tier 1: 7 (25%)
Tier 2: 7 (25%)
Tier 3: 6 (21%)
Tier 4: 7 (25%)
All are equal: 1 (3%)

Looks like all the tiers are equally enjoyable... Although it seems no one agrees with that!
Leave a comment with your ideas for a poll in the comments section.

Edit: Video is being reuploaded to my new Youtube Channel. Expect it up in February 2012.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video Tutorial: Pelt of the Dark Young Cloak

     I have been extremely busy lately but I still find the time to play my Marauder in tier 2 on Gorfang (you can check him out on my Toons page). I had been using the Shawl of Spring since level 8 and I was ready for a new cape. As a level 21 rr 27 Marauder, I traveled to Avelorn in search of the mob that would unlock a  cloak. The mob is named Khurraak Might-Horns and is a normal level 26. He is sometimes accompanied by another random level 26. This tome unlock should be available to all players level 20+. The mob is a running beastman that spawns on the path just south of the Order Chapter 12 High Elf quest hub. Before finding the mob, I was killed three times by a pesky level 55 Order guard that seemed to spot me from extremely far away. He would 2 shot me and then I would re-spawn on the other side of the map; this would force me to run back because there was no flight master. Below is a quick tutorial video:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Killing Trolls - Public Quests

Die troll!
     Public Quests have become all but useful in the current version of WAR, as we all know. This saddens me, but I understand why EA is doing it. They need to make all their players go into the RvR areas so there is constant PvP action. I agree with this, but I still enjoy doing Public Quests with my guild. There are still are a few reasons on why you should look into doing a couple Public Quests:
  1. Chapter 5 Public Quests give blue and green shoulders for level 10 and 11 respectively; perfect for twinks or players trying to get an edge up in Tier 1. Not to mention shoulder armor looks badass!
  2. Public Quests have their own unique looking gear for Advance Influence rewards. Stand out from the crowd and look epic.
  3. Farm Repairable items. Certain PQ mobs have really high drop chances for repairable items. These items can be equipped by any class or sold quickly for hefty amounts of gold.
  4. Gain experience, influence, money, talisman, crafting materials, and gear.
  5. Breaks up the Renown grind, but you still get renown from the zone flips!

40 Black Orc - Moggahlub (Gorfang)
     On my 19 Marauder I have been doing more Public Quests than usual. Instead of farming rats in Ostland, why not farm Public Quests? We decided to head to Chapter 8 and 9 in Troll Country. I really enjoyed doing some solid PvE content with my guild. Many of these PQ's I have never completed before and didn't realize how fun Public Quests can still be. I wish the gear from the influence and drop rewards were better so I could actually use them but RvR armor remains on top.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video: Judgent's WAR Report Intro

     Hi everyone, my names Trippedoutfish and I will be contributing to the blog from now on in many ways. Editing videos is something I like to do in my spare time, and I'd be happy to make tutorials if there is enough interest. Check out the new intro I made for all the videos we post from now on:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Video Tutorial: Order Crimson Cloak

     On my Archmage, I had been struggling to find a cape at level 20. I was pointed in the direction of an Order only quest called "An Army Marches" from NPC Brother Lance. After arriving in High Pass Tier 3 Chapter 13 hub, I picked up the first of the quests. It is a series of three relatively easy quests, assuming you have a healer (or tank if you are a healer). In the end, you are rewarded with some experience and a nice level 21 blue "Crimson Cloak" with element resistance and two talisman slots. Throw some shiny stones in 'em and you've got yourself a wonderful cloak. You can view the video below, or on the Videos Page, or on my Youtube Channel.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Interesting Going-Ons

     The WAR herald released information about Games Workshop (WAR developers) and their event, US Games Day. This event is tomorrow, July 30th. I look forward to hearing what the Warhammer people have to say on upcoming patches and state-of-game. I will post coverage and provide links after the event to some of our other bloggers sites shown on the "WAR Blogs" list on the left.

I've gotten my Marauder to 16, T2 here I come!

     News for players in-game, this Weekend Warfront will feature one of my old favorite Tier 3 scenarios, Doomfist Crater! Will be posing a video of my experiences in Doomfist Crater soon.

     Orkwarlord2 brings us another video of Tier 3 Warrior Priest RvR action in High Pass. You can view this here. I really enjoy his videos and can't wait for what's coming. Play Smart!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tome Of Knowledge Rewards


Poll Results:

Witch Elves: 25 (59%)
Witch Hunters: 17 (40%)

    I have been away from home recently but I am returning soon; more posts will follow. I am working on a new tutorial video on how to unlock a blue cloak "Crimson Cloak" with two talisman slots for level 21. There has also been more time to roam around the internet. I found a bunch of links that are extremely useful for any Warhammer Online player. 

Bestiary Tome of Knowledge Unlocks: This WHA forum post shows rewards of a large chunk of Bestiary Tome of Knowledge Unlocks (cloaks, titles, tactics, pocket, etc.). Lists coordinates and directions.

Tome Tactic Unlock Guide: A complete guide of how to unlock all the tome tactics in the game. Lists coordinates and directions.

Tome Tactic Information: A wiki page that has links to the description of each tome tactic and how to acquire them as well.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whats in Your Pocket?

     I was running around on my Marauder in Mount Bloodhorn looking for some Order to gank when I came across a scroll sitting in between Battlefield Objective's Cannon Battery and Stonemire Tower (left of the Dwarven doors) . I found a small "Hidden Scroll" which I quickly looted, not sure of what the reward might be (love tome unlocks more than chocolate). It said I had unlocked the Endless List of Grudges. Its an item that you can claim in Altdorf and Inevitable City in the Library.

Inevitable City

     The pocket item is basically for fun and later, stats and isn't actually shown on your character. My Marauder now carries a book in his pocket and I am not sure how it fits in there. Whats in your pocket?

"I wish I knew how to read"

Build It and They Will Come

     Hey everybody, back from a long fun weekend away from WAR (but oh how I missed it so). I was thinking about some of the other bloggers and the state of the game. Hypothetical WAR is a great blog which features many ideas that aren't in the game but should be. The writer shares great ideas for other classes, races, zones, scenarios and much more. I was thinking, what would Warhammer Online be like if there was a larger player base? Currently the game itself is where it should be, but still, both of the US servers could use another 500 players online at all times in my opinion. My list of hypothetical WAR:

  • Scenarios would pop every 5 minutes
  • equal population in t1 Dwarf, Elf, and Empire ORvR zones
  • easily find groups for PQ's
  • PvE groups and guilds
  • LotD ORvR
  • T2 and T3 would have more players
  • Game would be busier at odd hours like the middle of the night
  • Auction House would be full
  • Skaven would actually be played

More stunties to kill please

     Basically Mythic would get a bunch of money from these new subscribers and from the EA store. Maybe they would think about devoting more resources and developers to the game. This is why I don't feel bad about keeping my account active and purchasing the progression/personality pack; every little bit helps. I do not know how my money helps the company or if they plan to just suck out all our money before they close the gates. Either way, I will enjoy my stay in WAR because I still love this game, and wish more people shared my passion. On a side note: I updated my Toons page and have been working on a blog with my friend about animation. I will share the link when we are ready to put up the site. Until then, play smart!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Video Tutorial: Skaven Tome Tactic

     Above is a video I created about how to unlock your first Tome Tactic. Many players believe that tome tactics have actually been removed from the game, but they are wrong. This tome tactic gives you a permanent +5% damage increase against Skaven and also increases your survivability a little bit. All you have to do is go to the Horned Tower landmark in Talabecland (tier 3). It is a very tall tower with loads of Skaven packed to the top. Instead of fighting your way all the way up, just run through; it wasn't very hard for me at all. I'd also like to thank the guild leader Lyelle of House of Nine Winds for helping me out. Now that I have the tome tactic, I have been working on a quest for level 21's for a blue cloak. Only have to complete three easy quests in High Pass. More on that another night. 

     On a side note: the more you play in Dwarf and Elf ORvR zones in Tier 1, the more players of the opposite faction will join you. Today, on my Marauder on Gorfang, we had a giant warband in Ekrund against the Order there. It was a blast fighting somewhere else than on the beaches in Nordland. Loving the fact that player population seems to be on the rise again on Gorfang. Now I need to work on leveling my Archmage to 21, play smart!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear Us - Marauder/WE Combo

     I've been switching off playing T4 and T1 today. Playing on my Ironbreaker is fun, but you can only take 3 or 4 losses in a row before you log onto a different character. In T1 I revisited my Marauder level 9 renown rank 11 with my friend whose been playing the Witch Elf. Together, we have been unleashing havoc on order players on Gorfang all day. Before level 8, it was really difficult to play the Marauder in RvR. Usually I would feel like I was doing great in a scenario, and my damage output in the scenario overview would be around 2,500! You really need to have the three first mutations to be any help in RvR which happens around level 8. At level 9, I'm hitting top DPS in the Scenarios I've been doing with my guild. I guess tier 1 really weeds out the bad melee DPS characters.

Fear us
     Fez, from In Da Jibblies Blog, has been experimenting with his tier 1 toons too. You can view what he wrote here. His blog features posts about issues in-game that I can relate to. He also has a great blogroll going with many helpful links. See you on Gorfang, and play smart!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Market Merchant

      I decided to give my Ironbreaker another shot today after my week of Destruction play. I previously gave up because I felt like I was way too squishy with low DPS output. I changed my spec up a bit to make my character more of a Defensive 2-Handed DPS. I also changed my morale and tactics slot choices to give my character more survivability. I guess I want to be able to do damage but not feel like a squishy. Getting close to renown rank 33 and I needed new gear, I went in search of where to buy items from the Conqueror set. Right when I was about to buy a few pieces for a hefty load of Officer Medallions, I was told I could purchase them, along with many other renown items, from some sort of black merchant vendor (goes to show how much has changed since launch).

He stole my favorite stuffed animal and sold it :(
     I found him on a boat in the Northern Docks of Altdorf. He sells renown gear for gold all the way up to renown rank 70 armor. From renown rank 60-70, you can only buy the Worn Sovereign and not the normal Sovereign set you get from keep sieges in tier 4. The main difference being that the Worn set doesn't feature the set bonuses and set ability. I'll look more into that later. Now, I am running around scenarios with three (almost four) pieces of Conquerors and notice a big difference in my ability to stay alive. These new items have supplied me with enough determination to give my Ironbreaker another shot. I gotta say, the scenarios were fun and I'll be playing on Judgent tomorrow as well. Until then my friends, and remember to play smart!

Monday, July 18, 2011

6v6 Gates of Ekrund Scenario Week

"I has cute boots."
     I have been playing my Destruction characters way more this weekend and really enjoyed myself. It was a weekend of 6v6 Gates of Ekrund (which I learned about by viewing the War Herald here) and the Scenarios were popping more than usual in tier 1 and tier 2. Even late at night, in tier 2 on Gorfang, the 6v6 Gates of Ekrund Scenario would pop every 30 minutes or so, which is nice (I don't like feeling rushed by the Scenario queue countdown). Since my friend Bob (lets just say Bob for privacy's sake) wasn't able to play on his Witch Elf, I hopped off my Marauder for a while and got interested in seeing if I'd like the Squig Hunter class now more than I had at launch. I've been doing the Gates of Ekrund 6v6 over and over again, and I love it every time. Sometimes I get bad groups, other times good groups with high levels, but it's always a blast.

     Onto the issue of weather or not 6v6 Scenarios are going to be good for the game or not. As long as we have the option to queue for both 6v6 and 12v12 scenarios, the 12v12 Scenarios will continue to pop most of the day and in prime times. Once it gets late, most of the players head off to sleep. This is when it becomes a great thing that we have a 6v6 scenario queue. It requires half the amount of people to join so thus the player slots fill up much faster. Players seem to understand this and flock to the scenario. Now, I think we should keep the single, featured 6v6 going on the week days, and for the weekends make it 12v12's only. This will keep content fresh so players don't get bored of the 6v6. Switching the 6v6 scenario every week (from Gates of Ekrund to Khaines Embrace for example) would spice things up even more. Play smart!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time to Try a Marauder

     I can honestly say I've never leveled a marauder past level 7, so I decided to roll one and have been leveling him up with a buddy. He's playing a Witch Elf and together we are an unstoppable team when we focus on the same target. This got me interested in end-game Marauders so I went to where everyone else goes; Youtube. Thats where I found a video by sega574 about his T4 Marauder in a keep siege. He ends up taking on a group of Order and stays alive for an incredible amount of time (do Marauders have self heals?). After seeing that video, I'm excited to keep leveling my Marauder until at least level 15 and we'll see where it goes from there. Until then, Judjent and Asssassin will be ambushing Order on Gorfang. Come join or fight us if you dare, and play smart!

Marauder T4 RvR

Site Additions:
    On a side note, I added two pages to the website. First, I added an About Me page which displays why I wanted to create this blog and my gaming history. The second is a Toons page which will display my up-to-date Warhammer Online characters. You can view this here or click on "Toons" near the top of the website.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

End Game Renown Sets

Renown Rank 90 and 100 Gear
     Quickly posting before I log onto my Archmage, Denovan, to do some tier 2 ORvR. I was scanning the Bioware forums when I came across two posts from forum users Shadowgurke and bibla. They both uploaded Order and Destruction images of every class in renown rank 40-100 gear. You can view the posts below:

Order Renown Gear Sets
Destruction Renown Gear Sets

     Also I fixed a previous post called "My Drake is Actually a Robot!?" by catching a mistake I had made. The personality pack offers a 5th pet as well, called the Jester. You can view him, along with the other vanity pets here.

Zandri Dunes - Scenario Idea

Name: Zandri Dunes
1. Where is it: Land of the Dead
2. What size battle would work: 12v12
3. What ruleset would work there: Capture and maintain two objective points: Expedition Site and Shrine of Zandri
4. Why do you think it would be fun: Dunes would add LOS element, no zerging, no graveyard camping, beautiful LotD setting that we get to visit so little. 

     I was thinking about possible scenario ideas for Warhammer when I remember playing in Land of the Dead. The RvR there was always so fun but it was not available often due to the fact that you had to control the zone to fly there, and that was the only way. I thought making a scenario in this zone with be appealing both visually and mechanically. It would be a 12v12 scenario where both factions fought to control 2 objective points, one above ground and one below. Not only would you be able to fight for control of the Expedition Site in the Dunes, but you could also go underground to explore the Shrine of Zandri. There would be a total of five entrances to the ruins underground; two from the destruction graveyard, two from the order graveyard, and one, a whole in the ground, at the expedition site (that you'd be able to jump down to get to the shrine!).

Underneath the Dunes: The Shrine of Zandri
     The fact that there would be underground and surface level exits from the graveyards would prevent spawn camping, which would prevent a whole lot of Rage Quits (Seriously, why do you think they shut down Mourkain Temple? Graveyard camping). The Dunes would also play a big part in the zone allowing players to go out of line-of-sight easily making it death trap for ranged classes and a blessing for Witch Hunters and Witch Elves (only think this is fair: Melee DPS have it tough in WAR Online). This would add more strategy around deciding where to go on the map. Since there would be many places to go on the map you would find yourself Zerging less, and fighting in small battles more. This would make it fair if one side had less players or lower average renown rank for t4. Or Mythic could add the Against All Odds Buff in Scenarios too if they are not full instead of closing them. Enough chatter, you can view my post on the actual forums here. Play Smart!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Asking for Scenario Ideas

     Two days ago, an article was posted on the Warhammer Online Forums asking the community what we would do if we could create our own scenario. Since the College of Corruption Live Event is ending, there is need for a new featured scenario. If you hadn't realized, the College of Corruption Scenario actually takes place in the Bright Wizard building from Altdorf. This next scenario also has to be from an area that is in game that isn't used any more (think about all them Public Quest's!). I mean, it makes sense. Why create a whole new area when we have so many unused PvE zones!

James Casey WAR Dev asks:
1. Where is it?
2. What size battle would work?
3. What ruleset would work there?
4. Why do you think it would be fun?

     Swing by the forums and add your two cents to the discussion. Who knows, they could make a Scenario based on your idea! Tonight, Friday night, you can find me on my Warrior Priest, Craindox, doing Scenarios and ORvR in T1; it really looks like its busy!  I'll think more on where in the world of WAR could we build a scenario. Have fun and play smart!

Destruction be up in dem lakes tonight, boys.

My Thoughts Exactly: Population

     How to drag in new WAR Players: I say we, as a community, step up to the plate and welcome in new players who are under the Endless Trial. The one thing this game needs is more players to fill in the middle tiers. It would be amazing if tier 2 scenarios popped as often as tier 1 scenarios pop. I personally enjoy the scenarios more than I do the mass ORvR battles mainly because I find the most fun fights to be small scale RvR (Not to say I don't like big battles too). In order to do this, we need to play our part and help out new players who don't have a clue whats going on. I know the guild I am currently in, The House of Nine Winds, is actually focused on welcoming trial characters and giving them a fun guild to play along with. Feel free to search us on Order-Badlands and ask for an invite.

     I am trying to get the word out about this game. I feel like it could generate a larger player base if the public knows how much its been fixed. I hope we can all band together and treat the trial players fairly and respectfully, which I know most of us are. If your looking for more information about current subscription changes and what that could mean for you, visit Werit's Blog. He also posted a link to my Praag video which can be seen here or on the video page (button at top of page under banner). As always, play smart!

Video: Warrior Priest RvR

   Anyone else think Warrior Priests in tier 1 are extremely overpowered? I did too, and so I decided to create a Warrior Priest myself. Can't kill em, why not join em, eh? After leveling up over the past week, I finally got him up to level 13, renown rank 11 and decided to jump into some T2 ORvR and T1 Scenarios.  My spec was 2-handed Melee DPS. It was funny because, even though I specialized my talents and gear in  DPS, I ended up healing more in the Scenarios. Just goes to show that different classes shine at different times during their leveling process. I summed up my experiences in this video below.

Lame Tier 2 ORvR Influence Rewards

     I entered Tier 2 on my Archmage at level 16 and focused on taking keeps in the Open RvR lakes. From doing this, I have received two beginner rank influence rewards from Empire and High Elf zones. At level 15 I had gone to the Auction House and, for 1.5 gold, bought two pieces of the Obliterator's Renown armor set; the boots and the gloves (and have had them equipped since).
     The Obliterator item set has great set bonuses that you will want to use till renown rank 22 or so. This is great for keeping low level tier 2 players competitive and viable, but it puts the influence gear to shame. Why not add better stats to the beginner rank influence gear to make them better than those Obliterator items so people will be more likely to work for them in the ORvR lakes? Or add a set bonus to the influence rewards that would be comparable to the Obliterator's set bonuses. It makes me angry that I don't even need the first purple item my character ever receives, or the second.

I don't even need these boots...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Praag at Renown Rank 32

     It came to my attention the other day that all Warhammer players must have a favorite zone. Praag is by far the coolest tier 4 zone in my opinion because of the complexity of the city. I also love the apocalyptic atmosphere of a burning, desolated town. I decided to make a movie about how beautiful the zone is and share it with JWR (Judgent's WAR Report) fans. Instead, I found myself thrown into combat as Destruction forced me into our keep. There, I teamed up with other Order players to try and hold the keep. Although my character is not as geared as I would like *cough*, I still enjoyed myself fighting for truth and justice and all that crap. Below is a video of my experiences (double click on the video to view it in a larger resolution):

The title should say Praag and not Pragg, sorry.

     This video goes to show how big of a gap has been created in tier 4 between low and high renown rank players. The Progression pack did add 20 new renown ranks and new gear along with it, but is that good for players who are just starting to climb the renown ladder at tier 4? No. My proposal to Mythic is to give level 40's a boost in renown gain until the renown rank matches up with their level. Heck, why not give every character a renown gain boost when their renown rank is lower than their level. This would encourage RvR and help us players who dinged 40 before the Progression pack was released (we really did get shafted). Post below in the comment box any suggestions for other zones you'd like me to explore. Stay tuned, and play smart!

Cultivating with Miracle Grow Remix

     I was chatting with the leader of my guild, House of the Nine Winds, today and he told me it would be wise to pick up cultivating and apothecary for making money to buy better gear. I have never been a fan of any crafting in any game. I always thought it was a waste of time and brain power, but sometimes you gotta do what you don't want to. I picked up cultivating and bought two seeds from a vendor and was completely lost and helpless. Little did I know, those two seashell looking seeds would carry my cultivating skill all the way up to 200. Why did the Crafting Vendor have so many things to sell; seeds, water, soil,  and nutrients! I went to Curse.com to check out crafting addons and that is where I found Miracle Grow Remix (Addon here). 

     This addon lets you easily  grow while going about your normal Warhammer activities. First you place the seed you want in the slots to grow them, then you wait. You don't need to buy any of the water, soil, or nutrients if your trying to level your skill up to maximum level, 200, as quickly possible. Once the plants are ready to harvest, you simply click on one of two buttons. The first lets you harvest your plant and the second harvests your plant and plants the same seed you planted last time.

     Now that I am at maximum skill level in Cultivating in just one morning, I am not sure what I should be doing for Apothecary. I am going to look into it and post it on the blog. Until next time, play smart!

Thanks Mythic for Paralyzing My Child from the Waist Down

    As mentioned in the post "I Can Ride Ponies Illegally", Mythic redid the renown system with their Progression Pack that is currently being sold in the EA Store (Origin Store powered by EA). The Progression Pack raised the Renown cap from 80 to 100 and introduced more gear into the renown gear system. Mythic, I hand it to you, this was a great idea. It helped new and veteran players stay competitive at low levels. Another thing the Progression pack added was a quicker renown gain through scenarios and ORvR Lakes.

     Most WAR players now ding level 40 with a renown rank of 50. However, players who advanced their characters to level 40 before this change, to be quite frank, got shafted. Its almost like they paralyzed my baby from the waste down. Here I am, sitting at renown rank 32 at level 40 and not being able to advance quickly at all because of how flimsy my character is against players in renown ranks 60+. I find it hard to even benefit my team in scenarios because I can't do much damage and I die quickly.
     The reason Judgent's renown is so low is because, prior to these changes, questing used to be one of the most efficient ways to level your character. I'm not saying I miss those days (though I do miss Public Quests with all my heart), but I just wish Mythic would give bonuses to us 40's who got stuck with a low renown rank. Now-a-days, players are trying to maximize their renown rank before hitting level 40 (Tier 4). This is done by running keep sieges in the ORvR Lakes and this is also why there are very few scenario pops in T2 and T3; they level you too fast.

Why do I get stomped on and that IB is just fine!?
     On the bright side, Mythic has made it even more fun to make new characters and level them up through PvP. My Archmage is a proud example of the new Progression Pack; level 17 and renown rank 20. I'm not sure if I will retire my Ironbreaker right now but I am currently too frustrated to play him in end game. For Now I will most likely be leveling other characters and leveling up my cultivating and apothacary on my Archmage, Denovan.

I Can Ride Ponies Illegally

     Recently Mythic changed Warhammer Online's RvR Tier level brackets. They did this so players in tier 1 could spend more time learning the game while players in tier 3 could have more people to play with. Also, players in t4 now have more of a chance in RvR because they enter at maximum level now. Below is a list of changes they made to the RvR level brackets and the recommended level brackets (Note: The PvE content remains the same).

  • Tier 1: Levels 01-10 --> Levels 01-15
  • Tier 2: Levels 11-20 --> Levels 16-26 (Actual: 12-26)
  • Tier 3: Levels 21-30 --> Levels 27-39 (Actual: 22-39)
  • Tier 4: Levels 31-40 --> Level 40 (Actual 32-40)
   These changes can be viewed in more detail here

  Now players are boosted up to max level in their tier. So a level 1 player that entered a Scenario or ORvR lake is boosted to level 15 temporarily. This means players in tier 2  are boosted to level 26. I purchased a  level 20 mount on my level 17 Archmage to test if it would work when I received the RvR boost. It did work! Now I can keep up with all the action in tier 2 and make it to the keeps in time for the siege. 

My Drake is Actually a Robot!?

     Recently EA and Mythic changed up their business plan and introduced purchasable, in-game items for real world cash. Many other games do the same thing and I actually support Mythic on this, in terms of the amount of revenue it will generate for the company. The biggest item they have to offer in the EA store currently for Warhammer Online is the Progression/Personality Pack. For a small fee of $10, your account receives numerous entitlements that every character on the account has access to (More info on Account Entitlements here).

     Not only do you receive an increased renown rank cap and faster renown gain, but you also acquire 4 new vanity pets, 2 trophies, 4 hair/face change tokens, and a mount suited towards your characters' race. Your pet choices are the Ugly Hound, the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, and the Hawk or the Jester (Hawk: Order, Jester: Destruction) each with four color scheme options. Below are the pet choices:

 I really like the look of these pups here. All four variations look nice. Black with red eyes, blue with blue eyes, brown with orange eyes, and grey with brown eyes.
 This would have been my favorite pet if it weren't for the bugged animation. At one point in it's "fly" animation, it skips a couple frames giving it a really robotic look.
These hounds are not ugly, they are just weird looking. What is attached to their sides? PETA would be mad...
I liked the hawks a lot because they fly with a fluid animation. The little feather on their head is a little weird but I'll get over it.
These guys look really cool and creepy but there names just don't match up with the color it says they are. For example, this is yellow Jester (the most  color coordinated of them all).


     So far on my Archmage I have been using the Drake and on my Ironbreaker the Earthy Two-Headed Hound. I will blog on the other items in the Progression/Personality pack another night. Play safe!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Witch Elves are Over Powered!

    Today I was in T2 Shadowlands on my 17 Archmage healer when I ran into a Witch Elf, in what looked to be low level gear (their lack of gear is yet another trick to make them witches look like harmless prostitutes). It was only me in the area because it was late at night (11:30 PST). Usually healers would be able to outlast and kill any other player 1v1 so I approached without hesitation. I've noticed in scenarios lately that Witch Elves are able to do some wicked damage that many healers can't even get through the initial burst damage. However, as a tank or Melee DPS I wouldn't be nearly as afraid.
Late Night Tier 2 RvR Lakes are usually empty

     I saw an empty Battlefield Objective and went to capture it when the Witch Elf attacked. Archmages have very basic healing moves at low levels and this caused me to spend precious time casting my big heal "Boon of Hysh", only to get interrupted by a 1200 damage crit; depleting over 1/3 of my total health even as a boosted level 26. In my opinion Witch Elves are one of the most powerful classes in the Destruction line up and should be avoided by any squishy classes! In conclusion, I have learned that healers should avoid Witch Elves at all costs, it is necessary to stay with a group in RvR, and grab an Ironbreaker for his "Guard" ability (50% of damage you receive mitigated to the Ironbreaker). Play Smart!

Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to my Warhammer Online Blog!

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Judgent- 40 Ironbreaker (Badlands)
     My name is Judgent and I will be blogging on this site for you, the viewer. I want to make my posts informal, funny, and thought-provoking and to do this I'm going to need your help. By posting in the comments below you can help me tell the world what you like most about Warhammer Online.

     A bit about myself: I have been playing MMOs for pretty much my entire life and started playing Warhammer Online in 2008 at release. After reaching level 24, I quit and went back to WoW (c'mon, we all did!). Then, in 2010, I began playing again and have not stopped since. I am currently playing my 40 Ironbreaker, 20 KotBS, and 17 Archmage on the Badlands server.

     I will continue to update this blog once a day with something to keep you interested and informed with Warhammer's numerous changes and the improvements it will be going through in the near future.