"Warhammer Online has some of the most potential of any RPG game and is the best title in the emerging RvR-MMO game genre."-Judgent

About Me

Why I (Judgent) made this blog:

1. To bring new players and returning players to Warhammer Online: The Private Server.
2. Write about the game I love to play.
3. Gain experience from writing, making a website, using editing software, and playing Warhammer!
4. To develop friends and connections in-game and online.

My (Judgent) gaming History:

     I have delved into all different gaming mediums and genre's and have found that my favorites are PvP MMO's. That being said, I have reached end game on at least one character on a couple of Online RPG's including Warhammer, WoW, Aion, Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2.

   Check out the Toons page to see an updated list of all my characters on Warhammer Online and what they've been up to recently!

Savage Animation - A blog about Animating, video games, software, music recording, website creation, but mostly about Animating. My friend and I are working on this together though it is more his since I am pursuing a degree in Web Design and he is going for Film Animation. Check it out!