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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Killing Trolls - Public Quests

Die troll!
     Public Quests have become all but useful in the current version of WAR, as we all know. This saddens me, but I understand why EA is doing it. They need to make all their players go into the RvR areas so there is constant PvP action. I agree with this, but I still enjoy doing Public Quests with my guild. There are still are a few reasons on why you should look into doing a couple Public Quests:
  1. Chapter 5 Public Quests give blue and green shoulders for level 10 and 11 respectively; perfect for twinks or players trying to get an edge up in Tier 1. Not to mention shoulder armor looks badass!
  2. Public Quests have their own unique looking gear for Advance Influence rewards. Stand out from the crowd and look epic.
  3. Farm Repairable items. Certain PQ mobs have really high drop chances for repairable items. These items can be equipped by any class or sold quickly for hefty amounts of gold.
  4. Gain experience, influence, money, talisman, crafting materials, and gear.
  5. Breaks up the Renown grind, but you still get renown from the zone flips!

40 Black Orc - Moggahlub (Gorfang)
     On my 19 Marauder I have been doing more Public Quests than usual. Instead of farming rats in Ostland, why not farm Public Quests? We decided to head to Chapter 8 and 9 in Troll Country. I really enjoyed doing some solid PvE content with my guild. Many of these PQ's I have never completed before and didn't realize how fun Public Quests can still be. I wish the gear from the influence and drop rewards were better so I could actually use them but RvR armor remains on top.

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  1. Though public quests may not have the "biggest an' baddest" loots, they are really quite fun to do with a few friends.