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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video Tutorial: Pelt of the Dark Young Cloak

     I have been extremely busy lately but I still find the time to play my Marauder in tier 2 on Gorfang (you can check him out on my Toons page). I had been using the Shawl of Spring since level 8 and I was ready for a new cape. As a level 21 rr 27 Marauder, I traveled to Avelorn in search of the mob that would unlock a  cloak. The mob is named Khurraak Might-Horns and is a normal level 26. He is sometimes accompanied by another random level 26. This tome unlock should be available to all players level 20+. The mob is a running beastman that spawns on the path just south of the Order Chapter 12 High Elf quest hub. Before finding the mob, I was killed three times by a pesky level 55 Order guard that seemed to spot me from extremely far away. He would 2 shot me and then I would re-spawn on the other side of the map; this would force me to run back because there was no flight master. Below is a quick tutorial video:

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  1. This is going in my todo list.

    Tks for the pointers for it :P

    cheers mate