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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly: Wrath of Heroes


     War: Wrath of Heroes looks amazing. It is basically a simplified scenario with three factions. You can choose which class you want to play which will feature the classes in WAR already. The scenario maps will be from the actual game. In my mind, War: WoH will serve as a marketing tool for War: AoC, one of the first in a long time. This game will still have a player base but it will lead players in the direction to our MMO, that needs players badly. I'm not sure if this is going to be more like DotA or revamped scenarios, but I am ready to try the beta. You can sign up yourself here.

Greenskin: Finally I can kill this stuck up elf.
     Lately, In WAR, I have been playing on my Marauder who is now level 25 renown rank 32. In tier 2 he is able to do 1v2 and sometimes 1v3! In tier 3 he is a viable asset with heals, otherwise I survive for short amounts of time. I have been switching back and forth from t2 to t3 while I still have the chance. I am a bit worried about my renown rank because it is a bit low for my level. Maybe this is because I have been doing random quests and Public Quests.
     Trippedoutfish and I have been exploring PQs and finding amazing Public Quest loot for appearance gear. You can view this appearance gear and how to get it on my next post. We also finished a Quest to unlock the Crimson Cloak for Destruction classes. You can view the video here or the Order Crimson Cloak Video Tutorial here. The video was set to 15 FPS so its a bit laggy, and also shows trippy playing and talking, which is pretty funny. You might have to scroll through the PQ's on the video to find the quests which are in chapter 11 Chaos, Talabecland.


  1. Always looking for cool looking gear, especially at lower lvls (my alts are all T1-T2 as I am a new player) hit me up sometime!

  2. Nice, what is your characters name? We should play Judjent T3 Marauder Badlands

  3. My main is Zophim (Magus) on Badlands but he is just T2! I'll look for you in WAR!!