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Monday, July 18, 2011

6v6 Gates of Ekrund Scenario Week

"I has cute boots."
     I have been playing my Destruction characters way more this weekend and really enjoyed myself. It was a weekend of 6v6 Gates of Ekrund (which I learned about by viewing the War Herald here) and the Scenarios were popping more than usual in tier 1 and tier 2. Even late at night, in tier 2 on Gorfang, the 6v6 Gates of Ekrund Scenario would pop every 30 minutes or so, which is nice (I don't like feeling rushed by the Scenario queue countdown). Since my friend Bob (lets just say Bob for privacy's sake) wasn't able to play on his Witch Elf, I hopped off my Marauder for a while and got interested in seeing if I'd like the Squig Hunter class now more than I had at launch. I've been doing the Gates of Ekrund 6v6 over and over again, and I love it every time. Sometimes I get bad groups, other times good groups with high levels, but it's always a blast.

     Onto the issue of weather or not 6v6 Scenarios are going to be good for the game or not. As long as we have the option to queue for both 6v6 and 12v12 scenarios, the 12v12 Scenarios will continue to pop most of the day and in prime times. Once it gets late, most of the players head off to sleep. This is when it becomes a great thing that we have a 6v6 scenario queue. It requires half the amount of people to join so thus the player slots fill up much faster. Players seem to understand this and flock to the scenario. Now, I think we should keep the single, featured 6v6 going on the week days, and for the weekends make it 12v12's only. This will keep content fresh so players don't get bored of the 6v6. Switching the 6v6 scenario every week (from Gates of Ekrund to Khaines Embrace for example) would spice things up even more. Play smart!

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