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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time to Try a Marauder

     I can honestly say I've never leveled a marauder past level 7, so I decided to roll one and have been leveling him up with a buddy. He's playing a Witch Elf and together we are an unstoppable team when we focus on the same target. This got me interested in end-game Marauders so I went to where everyone else goes; Youtube. Thats where I found a video by sega574 about his T4 Marauder in a keep siege. He ends up taking on a group of Order and stays alive for an incredible amount of time (do Marauders have self heals?). After seeing that video, I'm excited to keep leveling my Marauder until at least level 15 and we'll see where it goes from there. Until then, Judjent and Asssassin will be ambushing Order on Gorfang. Come join or fight us if you dare, and play smart!

Marauder T4 RvR

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  1. Think that might have been a Zealot hiding somewhere. hes in a party with one

  2. Ways for a Marauder to self-heal:
    - Spec and slot the tactic "Deadly Clutch". Your heal debuff ability then turns into a heal-stealing ability. The 50% healing the target gets less, you get instead.

    - Spec and use Morale 4 "Lashing power". When active, there's a 33% chance that damage done to you will be transfered to an enemy nearby and you get healed instead of damaged.

    - Use the "Gift of Monstrosity" mutation. Every attack you do then has a chance to reduce armour penetration on you and to heal you.

    Being a DD, the Marauder is better in healing himself than DD-healers.

  3. Wow, nice, thanks Sylow. do these specs/tactics in healing reduce your damage output much?

  4. Not really. Deadly Clutch requires you to spec 11 points in Savagery. But the tactic is a double-win. Tainted claw without the tactic is a 25% debuff for incomming heals.

    With the tactic, it's a 50% heal debuff and the stolen healing is applied to the Marauder. And, btw, from what i saw, it also steals from lifetap healing. So, a marauder who has this tactic available and manages to loose against a melee WP should get a big /fail sign nailed to his forehead. :D

    Lashing Power is the M4 in Savagery. Speccing it or not is up to the player, but if you already are at 11 points, i'd go for the 13 point ability Draining Swipe, anyways. AP deprivation is a big tool on disabling an enemy, after all. So, it's up to the player, if the remaining 3 points are worth it for him.

    The other question is, if the M4 is worth using. For i forgot to mention the M3 called Tzeentch's Reversal. That one deals 1200 morale damage and heals the marauder for as much damage as it dealt. (So, a fourth way of self-healing. ) Since morale damage has no mitigation, the numbers are quite obvious.

    The one thing which might be a sacrifice in damage is to use the Gift of Monstrosity mutation. It's the AoE path and generally considered the weakest path of the Marauder. (Which means, only a little better than the best paths of many other classes. *cough* )

    Anyways, the healing of the monstrosity mutation is healing over time, so switching to it, doing a few attacks and switching away is feasible, althoug the rotation can be tricky since the healing has to proc.

  5. I think it would be most effective if you stuck with procs and abilities with short cooldowns. The morale Ability is a rank 3 Morale spell which would require a good amount of players around to fight to build that up. At that point, you most likely would have a healer in your party if you do a lot of group play like myself.

    If you were 1v1ing or 1v2ing in, say, an ORvR lake, you likely won't even reach Rank 3 Morale. Making it wasteful to spec into. I guess depends on your play style. Correct me if I'm wrong.