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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Drake is Actually a Robot!?

     Recently EA and Mythic changed up their business plan and introduced purchasable, in-game items for real world cash. Many other games do the same thing and I actually support Mythic on this, in terms of the amount of revenue it will generate for the company. The biggest item they have to offer in the EA store currently for Warhammer Online is the Progression/Personality Pack. For a small fee of $10, your account receives numerous entitlements that every character on the account has access to (More info on Account Entitlements here).

     Not only do you receive an increased renown rank cap and faster renown gain, but you also acquire 4 new vanity pets, 2 trophies, 4 hair/face change tokens, and a mount suited towards your characters' race. Your pet choices are the Ugly Hound, the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, and the Hawk or the Jester (Hawk: Order, Jester: Destruction) each with four color scheme options. Below are the pet choices:

 I really like the look of these pups here. All four variations look nice. Black with red eyes, blue with blue eyes, brown with orange eyes, and grey with brown eyes.
 This would have been my favorite pet if it weren't for the bugged animation. At one point in it's "fly" animation, it skips a couple frames giving it a really robotic look.
These hounds are not ugly, they are just weird looking. What is attached to their sides? PETA would be mad...
I liked the hawks a lot because they fly with a fluid animation. The little feather on their head is a little weird but I'll get over it.
These guys look really cool and creepy but there names just don't match up with the color it says they are. For example, this is yellow Jester (the most  color coordinated of them all).


     So far on my Archmage I have been using the Drake and on my Ironbreaker the Earthy Two-Headed Hound. I will blog on the other items in the Progression/Personality pack another night. Play safe!

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  1. I thought I was the only one who noticed that about the drakes.