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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zandri Dunes - Scenario Idea

Name: Zandri Dunes
1. Where is it: Land of the Dead
2. What size battle would work: 12v12
3. What ruleset would work there: Capture and maintain two objective points: Expedition Site and Shrine of Zandri
4. Why do you think it would be fun: Dunes would add LOS element, no zerging, no graveyard camping, beautiful LotD setting that we get to visit so little. 

     I was thinking about possible scenario ideas for Warhammer when I remember playing in Land of the Dead. The RvR there was always so fun but it was not available often due to the fact that you had to control the zone to fly there, and that was the only way. I thought making a scenario in this zone with be appealing both visually and mechanically. It would be a 12v12 scenario where both factions fought to control 2 objective points, one above ground and one below. Not only would you be able to fight for control of the Expedition Site in the Dunes, but you could also go underground to explore the Shrine of Zandri. There would be a total of five entrances to the ruins underground; two from the destruction graveyard, two from the order graveyard, and one, a whole in the ground, at the expedition site (that you'd be able to jump down to get to the shrine!).

Underneath the Dunes: The Shrine of Zandri
     The fact that there would be underground and surface level exits from the graveyards would prevent spawn camping, which would prevent a whole lot of Rage Quits (Seriously, why do you think they shut down Mourkain Temple? Graveyard camping). The Dunes would also play a big part in the zone allowing players to go out of line-of-sight easily making it death trap for ranged classes and a blessing for Witch Hunters and Witch Elves (only think this is fair: Melee DPS have it tough in WAR Online). This would add more strategy around deciding where to go on the map. Since there would be many places to go on the map you would find yourself Zerging less, and fighting in small battles more. This would make it fair if one side had less players or lower average renown rank for t4. Or Mythic could add the Against All Odds Buff in Scenarios too if they are not full instead of closing them. Enough chatter, you can view my post on the actual forums here. Play Smart!

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