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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lame Tier 2 ORvR Influence Rewards

     I entered Tier 2 on my Archmage at level 16 and focused on taking keeps in the Open RvR lakes. From doing this, I have received two beginner rank influence rewards from Empire and High Elf zones. At level 15 I had gone to the Auction House and, for 1.5 gold, bought two pieces of the Obliterator's Renown armor set; the boots and the gloves (and have had them equipped since).
     The Obliterator item set has great set bonuses that you will want to use till renown rank 22 or so. This is great for keeping low level tier 2 players competitive and viable, but it puts the influence gear to shame. Why not add better stats to the beginner rank influence gear to make them better than those Obliterator items so people will be more likely to work for them in the ORvR lakes? Or add a set bonus to the influence rewards that would be comparable to the Obliterator's set bonuses. It makes me angry that I don't even need the first purple item my character ever receives, or the second.

I don't even need these boots...

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