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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Video Tutorial: Skaven Tome Tactic

     Above is a video I created about how to unlock your first Tome Tactic. Many players believe that tome tactics have actually been removed from the game, but they are wrong. This tome tactic gives you a permanent +5% damage increase against Skaven and also increases your survivability a little bit. All you have to do is go to the Horned Tower landmark in Talabecland (tier 3). It is a very tall tower with loads of Skaven packed to the top. Instead of fighting your way all the way up, just run through; it wasn't very hard for me at all. I'd also like to thank the guild leader Lyelle of House of Nine Winds for helping me out. Now that I have the tome tactic, I have been working on a quest for level 21's for a blue cloak. Only have to complete three easy quests in High Pass. More on that another night. 

     On a side note: the more you play in Dwarf and Elf ORvR zones in Tier 1, the more players of the opposite faction will join you. Today, on my Marauder on Gorfang, we had a giant warband in Ekrund against the Order there. It was a blast fighting somewhere else than on the beaches in Nordland. Loving the fact that player population seems to be on the rise again on Gorfang. Now I need to work on leveling my Archmage to 21, play smart!

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