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Friday, July 29, 2011

Interesting Going-Ons

     The WAR herald released information about Games Workshop (WAR developers) and their event, US Games Day. This event is tomorrow, July 30th. I look forward to hearing what the Warhammer people have to say on upcoming patches and state-of-game. I will post coverage and provide links after the event to some of our other bloggers sites shown on the "WAR Blogs" list on the left.

I've gotten my Marauder to 16, T2 here I come!

     News for players in-game, this Weekend Warfront will feature one of my old favorite Tier 3 scenarios, Doomfist Crater! Will be posing a video of my experiences in Doomfist Crater soon.

     Orkwarlord2 brings us another video of Tier 3 Warrior Priest RvR action in High Pass. You can view this here. I really enjoy his videos and can't wait for what's coming. Play Smart!


  1. YOu X-realming bastard! xD. The guild is still going strong anf my RP is t4 now. Good stuff man. I wanna heal your IB xD

  2. A friend joined the game and wanted to play Destro so I am leveling a marauder. You'll see me on order soon enough.