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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Praag at Renown Rank 32

     It came to my attention the other day that all Warhammer players must have a favorite zone. Praag is by far the coolest tier 4 zone in my opinion because of the complexity of the city. I also love the apocalyptic atmosphere of a burning, desolated town. I decided to make a movie about how beautiful the zone is and share it with JWR (Judgent's WAR Report) fans. Instead, I found myself thrown into combat as Destruction forced me into our keep. There, I teamed up with other Order players to try and hold the keep. Although my character is not as geared as I would like *cough*, I still enjoyed myself fighting for truth and justice and all that crap. Below is a video of my experiences (double click on the video to view it in a larger resolution):

The title should say Praag and not Pragg, sorry.

     This video goes to show how big of a gap has been created in tier 4 between low and high renown rank players. The Progression pack did add 20 new renown ranks and new gear along with it, but is that good for players who are just starting to climb the renown ladder at tier 4? No. My proposal to Mythic is to give level 40's a boost in renown gain until the renown rank matches up with their level. Heck, why not give every character a renown gain boost when their renown rank is lower than their level. This would encourage RvR and help us players who dinged 40 before the Progression pack was released (we really did get shafted). Post below in the comment box any suggestions for other zones you'd like me to explore. Stay tuned, and play smart!


  1. Yes you are right my friend. The people who got shafted in that manner need a bonus. My Wl and IB have now become Farm toons! :(

  2. What renown rank are you WL and IB?