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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thanks Mythic for Paralyzing My Child from the Waist Down

    As mentioned in the post "I Can Ride Ponies Illegally", Mythic redid the renown system with their Progression Pack that is currently being sold in the EA Store (Origin Store powered by EA). The Progression Pack raised the Renown cap from 80 to 100 and introduced more gear into the renown gear system. Mythic, I hand it to you, this was a great idea. It helped new and veteran players stay competitive at low levels. Another thing the Progression pack added was a quicker renown gain through scenarios and ORvR Lakes.

     Most WAR players now ding level 40 with a renown rank of 50. However, players who advanced their characters to level 40 before this change, to be quite frank, got shafted. Its almost like they paralyzed my baby from the waste down. Here I am, sitting at renown rank 32 at level 40 and not being able to advance quickly at all because of how flimsy my character is against players in renown ranks 60+. I find it hard to even benefit my team in scenarios because I can't do much damage and I die quickly.
     The reason Judgent's renown is so low is because, prior to these changes, questing used to be one of the most efficient ways to level your character. I'm not saying I miss those days (though I do miss Public Quests with all my heart), but I just wish Mythic would give bonuses to us 40's who got stuck with a low renown rank. Now-a-days, players are trying to maximize their renown rank before hitting level 40 (Tier 4). This is done by running keep sieges in the ORvR Lakes and this is also why there are very few scenario pops in T2 and T3; they level you too fast.

Why do I get stomped on and that IB is just fine!?
     On the bright side, Mythic has made it even more fun to make new characters and level them up through PvP. My Archmage is a proud example of the new Progression Pack; level 17 and renown rank 20. I'm not sure if I will retire my Ironbreaker right now but I am currently too frustrated to play him in end game. For Now I will most likely be leveling other characters and leveling up my cultivating and apothacary on my Archmage, Denovan.

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