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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Witch Elves are Over Powered!

    Today I was in T2 Shadowlands on my 17 Archmage healer when I ran into a Witch Elf, in what looked to be low level gear (their lack of gear is yet another trick to make them witches look like harmless prostitutes). It was only me in the area because it was late at night (11:30 PST). Usually healers would be able to outlast and kill any other player 1v1 so I approached without hesitation. I've noticed in scenarios lately that Witch Elves are able to do some wicked damage that many healers can't even get through the initial burst damage. However, as a tank or Melee DPS I wouldn't be nearly as afraid.
Late Night Tier 2 RvR Lakes are usually empty

     I saw an empty Battlefield Objective and went to capture it when the Witch Elf attacked. Archmages have very basic healing moves at low levels and this caused me to spend precious time casting my big heal "Boon of Hysh", only to get interrupted by a 1200 damage crit; depleting over 1/3 of my total health even as a boosted level 26. In my opinion Witch Elves are one of the most powerful classes in the Destruction line up and should be avoided by any squishy classes! In conclusion, I have learned that healers should avoid Witch Elves at all costs, it is necessary to stay with a group in RvR, and grab an Ironbreaker for his "Guard" ability (50% of damage you receive mitigated to the Ironbreaker). Play Smart!

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