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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whats in Your Pocket?

     I was running around on my Marauder in Mount Bloodhorn looking for some Order to gank when I came across a scroll sitting in between Battlefield Objective's Cannon Battery and Stonemire Tower (left of the Dwarven doors) . I found a small "Hidden Scroll" which I quickly looted, not sure of what the reward might be (love tome unlocks more than chocolate). It said I had unlocked the Endless List of Grudges. Its an item that you can claim in Altdorf and Inevitable City in the Library.

Inevitable City

     The pocket item is basically for fun and later, stats and isn't actually shown on your character. My Marauder now carries a book in his pocket and I am not sure how it fits in there. Whats in your pocket?

"I wish I knew how to read"

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  1. My witch elf carries around a Charger's Charm and a Bone Ward.