"Warhammer Online has some of the most potential of any RPG game and is the best title in the emerging RvR-MMO game genre."-Judgent

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to my Warhammer Online Blog!

     Judgent's WAR Report is a blog focused on getting information about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning out to the public. Updated often with relevant information for new and veteran players. Images, articles, links and videos are featured daily.

Judgent- 40 Ironbreaker (Badlands)
     My name is Judgent and I will be blogging on this site for you, the viewer. I want to make my posts informal, funny, and thought-provoking and to do this I'm going to need your help. By posting in the comments below you can help me tell the world what you like most about Warhammer Online.

     A bit about myself: I have been playing MMOs for pretty much my entire life and started playing Warhammer Online in 2008 at release. After reaching level 24, I quit and went back to WoW (c'mon, we all did!). Then, in 2010, I began playing again and have not stopped since. I am currently playing my 40 Ironbreaker, 20 KotBS, and 17 Archmage on the Badlands server.

     I will continue to update this blog once a day with something to keep you interested and informed with Warhammer's numerous changes and the improvements it will be going through in the near future.


  1. Write about the college of corruption scenario thats i nthe live event. I love that scenario!

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