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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Build It and They Will Come

     Hey everybody, back from a long fun weekend away from WAR (but oh how I missed it so). I was thinking about some of the other bloggers and the state of the game. Hypothetical WAR is a great blog which features many ideas that aren't in the game but should be. The writer shares great ideas for other classes, races, zones, scenarios and much more. I was thinking, what would Warhammer Online be like if there was a larger player base? Currently the game itself is where it should be, but still, both of the US servers could use another 500 players online at all times in my opinion. My list of hypothetical WAR:

  • Scenarios would pop every 5 minutes
  • equal population in t1 Dwarf, Elf, and Empire ORvR zones
  • easily find groups for PQ's
  • PvE groups and guilds
  • LotD ORvR
  • T2 and T3 would have more players
  • Game would be busier at odd hours like the middle of the night
  • Auction House would be full
  • Skaven would actually be played

More stunties to kill please

     Basically Mythic would get a bunch of money from these new subscribers and from the EA store. Maybe they would think about devoting more resources and developers to the game. This is why I don't feel bad about keeping my account active and purchasing the progression/personality pack; every little bit helps. I do not know how my money helps the company or if they plan to just suck out all our money before they close the gates. Either way, I will enjoy my stay in WAR because I still love this game, and wish more people shared my passion. On a side note: I updated my Toons page and have been working on a blog with my friend about animation. I will share the link when we are ready to put up the site. Until then, play smart!

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