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Friday, July 15, 2011

Asking for Scenario Ideas

     Two days ago, an article was posted on the Warhammer Online Forums asking the community what we would do if we could create our own scenario. Since the College of Corruption Live Event is ending, there is need for a new featured scenario. If you hadn't realized, the College of Corruption Scenario actually takes place in the Bright Wizard building from Altdorf. This next scenario also has to be from an area that is in game that isn't used any more (think about all them Public Quest's!). I mean, it makes sense. Why create a whole new area when we have so many unused PvE zones!

James Casey WAR Dev asks:
1. Where is it?
2. What size battle would work?
3. What ruleset would work there?
4. Why do you think it would be fun?

     Swing by the forums and add your two cents to the discussion. Who knows, they could make a Scenario based on your idea! Tonight, Friday night, you can find me on my Warrior Priest, Craindox, doing Scenarios and ORvR in T1; it really looks like its busy!  I'll think more on where in the world of WAR could we build a scenario. Have fun and play smart!

Destruction be up in dem lakes tonight, boys.

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