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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear Us - Marauder/WE Combo

     I've been switching off playing T4 and T1 today. Playing on my Ironbreaker is fun, but you can only take 3 or 4 losses in a row before you log onto a different character. In T1 I revisited my Marauder level 9 renown rank 11 with my friend whose been playing the Witch Elf. Together, we have been unleashing havoc on order players on Gorfang all day. Before level 8, it was really difficult to play the Marauder in RvR. Usually I would feel like I was doing great in a scenario, and my damage output in the scenario overview would be around 2,500! You really need to have the three first mutations to be any help in RvR which happens around level 8. At level 9, I'm hitting top DPS in the Scenarios I've been doing with my guild. I guess tier 1 really weeds out the bad melee DPS characters.

Fear us
     Fez, from In Da Jibblies Blog, has been experimenting with his tier 1 toons too. You can view what he wrote here. His blog features posts about issues in-game that I can relate to. He also has a great blogroll going with many helpful links. See you on Gorfang, and play smart!

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