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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Market Merchant

      I decided to give my Ironbreaker another shot today after my week of Destruction play. I previously gave up because I felt like I was way too squishy with low DPS output. I changed my spec up a bit to make my character more of a Defensive 2-Handed DPS. I also changed my morale and tactics slot choices to give my character more survivability. I guess I want to be able to do damage but not feel like a squishy. Getting close to renown rank 33 and I needed new gear, I went in search of where to buy items from the Conqueror set. Right when I was about to buy a few pieces for a hefty load of Officer Medallions, I was told I could purchase them, along with many other renown items, from some sort of black merchant vendor (goes to show how much has changed since launch).

He stole my favorite stuffed animal and sold it :(
     I found him on a boat in the Northern Docks of Altdorf. He sells renown gear for gold all the way up to renown rank 70 armor. From renown rank 60-70, you can only buy the Worn Sovereign and not the normal Sovereign set you get from keep sieges in tier 4. The main difference being that the Worn set doesn't feature the set bonuses and set ability. I'll look more into that later. Now, I am running around scenarios with three (almost four) pieces of Conquerors and notice a big difference in my ability to stay alive. These new items have supplied me with enough determination to give my Ironbreaker another shot. I gotta say, the scenarios were fun and I'll be playing on Judgent tomorrow as well. Until then my friends, and remember to play smart!


  1. your toon makes me want to roll an IB xD Keep on with the updates!! :)

  2. Thanks Tark. If you roll an IB, make sure your renown rank is a lot higher than rr32 when you enter t4 (that goes for any class but especially for the IB).